1. He brings me wine and banana bread in our Love Suite(TM) when I’m feeling all avoid-y and not wanting to go downstairs where the family is.
  2. He made all the calls about seeing apartments this weekend.
  3. He cleans the litterboxes and the nasty poop puddles (the little cat has really messy IBD), and lets me have the job of feeding the kitties. So I get kitty affection for doing the easy job, and he gets kitty snubbing for doing the (literally) crappy one.
  4. He is a Woomaster Extraordinaire. If you’ve never seen him in action, you are seriously missing a beautiful thing.
  5. He holds my hand while we’re walking, even though public affection makes him all squicky.
  6. He’s blogging *for reals* now! I love his poems, but it makes me really happy that he’s got content-full bloggage now.
  7. And while he has his own (really perfect) nickname for Bad Idea,* he calls him Bad Idea on his blog too. Which makes me giggle, because, well, I guess he’s just a Bad Idea all around.
  8. He has the prettiest blue eyes I have ever seen in my life. After looking at them for 11+ years, sometimes the sight of them still makes me catch my breath.

*”An Inconvenient Jew.” Oh, if only I could make you understand how perfect that really is.