I am SO GRATEFUL. Have I mentioned that I am REALLY REALLY grateful that they’re letting us live here, rent free, and giving us the big suite, and all? I really, really am.


  • While they don’t come in without knocking, they knock on the door for various reasons dozens of times a day.
  • GB’s mom is responsible for all the cooking/cleaning/taking care of GB’s grandparents here. I feel immensely guilty that I’m not helping her with these things while we’re here, but I’m not. GB and I have been doing dinner dishes, but that’s about it. And I feel constantly guilty.
  • And I’m not getting any of my own work done, anyway. I haven’t touched my dissertation in…a month?
  • They make GB crazy. Crazy GB is a bad thing. I like un-crazy GB better.
  • They keep winning at cards, and I’m losing money. (Though this is an anti-whine, really–I love cards with the family.)
  • GB’s grandma is not doing so hot, and it’s sad. I’m glad we’re getting to spend time with the grandparents, but it’s kind of heavy.
  • GB’s grandpa hurt his leg the other day, and can’t get up from his chair without help anymore–so there’s lots of yelling for GB’s mom, and some generally irritable vibes.
  • We’re a good 3 hours from the area we think we’d like to live in, so trying to figure out how and when to go look at apartments has been daunting. Not really having quite enough money to put down 1st and a deposit is a little daunting, too.
  • Same goes for GB’s job search–it should be conducted 3-4 hours from here, so it’s not moving along quite as quickly as I’d hoped.
  • We’ll be in our general goal area on Monday, though,  so I think we’ll get to do a bit of job/house hunting then.
  • They keep feeding us. Yes, this is very nice. But I feel guilty, like I said, and also a bit obligated to eat with the family, since GB’s mom is doing all this cooking. And I’m gaining weight. Lots and lots of weight. I keep telling myself to relax, that I can drop the weight again when we’re in our own place, but I’m really not happy with my clothes not fitting right anymore.
  • I miss my east coast people. This is not a location-specific whine, but whatever, I’m on a roll.
  • Did I mention that I can’t even imagine trying to get work done right now? I sat down with my dissertation for about an hour today–looked at some of my data, made a few notes, re-read my latest chapter outlines and overview. And then opened up eBay, Bloglines, and Craigslist, and lost the next four hours or so.
  • Though I did find an enormous stack of apartments for us to look at. Someday.
  • Looks like I’ve hit the whine early this evening! Guess it’s about time to start on the ubiquitous jug o’ Gallo, huh?