• We’re still in Hometown State, which is about a quarter of the way to California.
  • We’ve spent the past two nights with CRSE, Gill Smoke, Norm and the Turnip. I am completely unmotivated to leave their home. If we hadn’t left the cats at my mom’s house, I’d probably just take them up on their offer to move in. I have photographic evidence of why we should just stay here, but I’m having trouble with photo sizes, so you’ll have to wait to see the glory of my multiple drinks (which Gill has kept full for two days) and the adorableness of the boys.
  • This town has my favorite pizza ever. We had three pizzas for dinner last night, and GB and I are picking up four more to take back to my mom’s/sister’s house tonight.
  • Two of the cats have been maniacs in the car. Fortunately, and as proof that there is some kind of God-type thing, my sister is a vet, and can hook us up with kitty drugs for the rest of the trip.
  • I am completely incapable of answering questions about my current or future plans. Well-meaning friends ask me innocent questions about our move (which is IN PROGRESS, I should point out) and I have to just point to GB, who fields them for me. I’m in an awkward place with all this.
  • There’s a chance that our 13-year-old goddess-daughter might have discovered my blog (due to an unfortunate lack of attention on the part of my drunk ass when she was borrowing my laptop the other night…combined with the devious promptings of my lurker friend TMH. Hi, Mays! I will so get you for this.). JB, if you’re reading this, learn from my mistakes. And, um, drugs are bad. No matter what your Uncle GB says. And we think you rock.
  • I considered making changes to the blog when I realized it may have been compromised, but meh, what the hell. I think I generally do good things here.