The saga continues….

Last night was kind of a bust in the Bad Idea department…

Although I did kind of freak out at one point when he said (to me), “You’re a Bad Influence. I’m going to call you B.I.” (And I was all, OMG!!!! HE READ MY BLOG!!! But I’m positive he has no idea what a “blog” is, unless it’s some odd species of local flora, so no worries, I think…just odd coincidence.)

But I might get another chance later tonight…

In the meantime, GB and I have been up since 6am packing, mailing boxes, donating things to the local thrift store, and generally being about-to-move maniacs. Good times.

I am sleepy. Very, very sleepy. And freaking exhausted. But apparently there will be a few beers at Jason’s tonight and…well, as GB reminded me last night, “If you’re going to make another move on Bad Idea, you need to be a lot more obvious about it.” So let’s see how that goes, shall we?

Oy. Let’s see if I can stay awake long enough to try.