Friends….my laptop is almost dead. I’m going out in a minute to see if I can get a new hard drive to resurrect it…but it doesn’t look good. I’m writing this on GB’s old iMac, and because of cord issues I have to lie on the floor as I try to type this, and it’s awkward. So–here’s the abbreviated update. Details will very likely follow, because I am ALL about kissing and telling.

  • oysters I ate: 5!
  • oysters Bad Idea ate: 7
  • oysters I enjoyed: every damn one of them
  • bowls of clam chowder shared: 1
  • lobsters slain and consumed: 2
  • bites of lobster fed to me by Bad Idea: 3
  • beers consumed with dinner: 9?
  • minutes into dinner when Bad Idea started planning for later kissing: 30
  • sidewalk benches where public making-out occurred: 1
  • time spent on first sidewalk bench: ~1 hour
  • passers-by who suggested that we might want to “get a room”: 4
  • number of erotic suggestions whispered into my ear: 12-ish
  • random other dark sidewalk locations where public groping occurred: 2
  • time spent in post-dinner makeout: 2 hours?
  • number of times I was informed that the fact of my marriage would preclude “actual” fucking: 4
  • bizarre (or completely normal, I guess) moral codes Bad Idea maintains, and with which I must disagree: 1
  • Fun had, regardless, on a scale of 1 – 10: I’m going to go with 11.