The Bad Idea Seduction Dinner(tm) is tomorrow.

Bad Idea is ridiculously excited about it. He called me yesterday to confirm that we’re on for Saturday (immediately after which, of course, I called IB/DM and yelled “OMG I think it’s a real date!”). We had a few drinks last night (well, I had a lot, he had a few when he got off work) and he talked about it for hours–telling me where we’re going to go, what we’ll eat, and planning out the evening overall (including the early, sober point at which we’ll drop off the car so we can drink more). I tried to get him to hang out after the bar closed, and he gently but firmly suggested I take a cab home, but that “We are going to have SO much fun on Saturday.”

Hee! Bad Idea might be more excited for the Seduction Dinner(tm) than I am!

I wish I could liveblog it. I *think* I can photo-live-blog it from my phone, though the pictures will be grainy and dark….yeah, I’ll see what I can do.*

Any last-minute suggestions, blogfriends? (Remembering, of course, that the “point” of this dinner–aside from the Seduction, of course–is that I have no seafood experience; I am about to move away from an area known for seafood; Bad Idea wants to help me get a tiny bit of seafood experience before I go; and we’re ALL about the aphrodisiac foods.) Here’s the advice concerned friends and loved ones have offered me so far:

  • Don’t chew the oysters
  • LOTS of lemon juice/tabasco
  • ask them not to boil the lobster alive (from my sister the veterinarian–considering I’ve been totally or mostly vegetarian for the past 23 years, I completely agree with her on this, but in the interest of getting the Seafood Experience, I’m going to pray to the lobster gods for forgiveness for this one lobster I’m viciously killing)
  • sneak off to the bathroom for update/pep talk phone calls with IB/DM (uh, this one was from IB/DM)
  • don’t forget to take the plants we’re giving Bad Idea to his house when I pick him up (this one was from GB)

Anything else I need to know/remember/do?

Expect heavy blogging to follow, one way or another.

*ETA: Er, I meant the dinner. Liveblogging the dinner. I’m assuming the rest will not be live-bloggable…hey, this is a family-friendly blog! Or, you know, maybe it’s not. Time will tell.