Lina has a post up right now about her 2-year blogiversary (go wish her a happy one, I’ll wait). I thought, hmm, I think I started blogging in July too…wonder when *my* blogiversary is? So I went to my archives to check and, um…

It’s today.


Two years ago, I thought this might be a fun way to keep in touch with a couple friends and maybe think through dissertation/relationship/random life crap. I had absolutely no idea then that, two years later, these things would be true:

  • I regularly start sentences with “So this blogfriend of mine said…”
  • I have met five of these blogfriends (“strangers,” in the technical sense of the word) and had fabulously fun times with all of them
  • A couple blogfriends have become Myspace and Facebook friends, too (for what it’s worth…I still don’t really get the whole myspace/facebook thing)
  • I’ve continued hanging out with several of my blogger meetup friends, thus successfully converting blogfriends into Real Life Friends (this one is really cool, I think)
  • I have a mental list of about seven more bloggers who I am *dying* to meet
  • I have a mental list of about the same size of bloggers I am dying to get drunk and/or make out with
  • I have told both my sisters about this blog (though I’m pretty sure neither of them read it…but hey, sisters, if you do!)
  • I miss y’all when I don’t blog much (like lately)

Yeah. So. Thanks to all my blogfriends, commenters, and lurkers (do I have lurkers?) for making it a fun two years and for continuing to hang out here even when I’m just all whiny ‘n shit.

Here’s to Year 3 of Polyopia bringing more booze-soaked kissing romps (or more news on the New Plan, which will curtail the booze-soaked part of that for a while), less moving/money angst, and the introduction of Dr. Luckybuzz. *fingers crossed*