This is what I did today:

My first beach trip of the year! Whooohoo! Those feet belong to me and GB…you can’t see Jason’s, Bad Idea’s, or Bad Idea’s Borrowed Dog’s feet in this picture, but they were there, too. I like beach.

Sorry to be so quiet in blogland lately. I will totally take on MaggieMay’s tag-challenge, aaaaany minute now…..

I don’t even know why I haven’t been blogging or commenting lately. Well–I haven’t been working, either, and maybe that’s keeping me from doing much on the computer. I’ve been distracted by a bunch of things:

  • we’re working on the New Plan, and it’s brought my OCD out in full force; I’m not doing a very good job of thinking about much else, and I’m just generally wandering the internets, following my OCD urges.
  • this whole moving thing–it’s stressing me out. Not only are we not ready to move (not packed at all, really, and with a house full of crap that needs to be gotten rid of)–we’re also dealing with the whole no-jobs, no-place-to-live (well, with GB’s parents, but that really has to be temporary), what-the-fuck-will-we-do thing. A little stressful.
  • And leaving here is stressing me out, too. Time is getting short, and everyone is getting a little twitchy and sad (by “everyone” I mean me, and Jason, and Bad Idea, and IB/DM. There’s a *LOT* of not-talking-about-it going on.)
  • And I haven’t felt much like drinking lately, which is too bad, because part of me wants to be drunk all this month.
  • Although, Thursday night I got painfully, incredibly, outstandingly drunk with Bad Idea, went back to his house, and proceeded to puke All. The fuck. Over.
  • That? Is not hot.
  • Bad Idea, however–while still a bad idea–is also a freaking prince. He kindly and tactfully cleaned up after me, shielded me from his roommate’s ire, and walked me safely to a cab (at 4:30am). And, in response to my many, many apologies, responded only: “It happens to everyone. And the kissing part earlier was fun.”
  • What kissing part? There was kissing?!
  • Apparently there was kissing, and apparently I had fun. Damn. I’m sorry I missed it.
  • Have I mentioned that I really have not been drinking lately, and I seem to have absolutely no tolerance left at ALL?
  • Moreover, why am I telling you all this, internet friends? After a silence this long, I return with stories of drunken sickness? That’s just bad form.
  • Sorry.
  • I think the Aphrodisiac Dinner with Bad Idea is still on, in a couple weeks. Wish me luck. I might need it.
  • See, maybe it’s better if I just maintain a little silence here for a while….