The “Bad Idea is making it really hard to leave here” Edition.*

  1. Gauzy Dress in the Sun – Richard Buckner
  2. I Don’t Think So – Dinosaur Jr.
  3. Get Me (acoustic) – Dinosaur Jr.
  4. Give Me Love – George Harrison
  5. Uncle John’s Band – Grateful Dead
  6. Star Star – Rolling Stones (funny, because I just recently played this for Bad Idea, who had somehow never heard it)
  7. Little Triggers – Elvis Costello
  8. Fell In Love with a Girl – White Stripes
  9. Carry That Weight – Beatles
  10. C-C-C-Cinnamon Lips – OK Go

*I want to say more about this, and about my last (too-ambiguous) post about this stuff….but I haven’t felt much like actually talking about it. Let’s just say, for now, that I’m enjoying Bad Idea’s company, and it’s clear that’s mutual, and The Crush continues. Maybe more to follow…I’m just emotional about the Moving Again today. And this was a PERFECT random 10 for it.