Just reading blogs through my hangover-stupor this morning (seriously, I cannot do hangovers like I used to, and I’m seriously thinking about just not putting myself in hangover-inducing-situations anymore), and randomly wondering: what kinds of things are in your “unbloggable” category? You know–things you might allude to on your blog, but for whatever reason you feel like the blog is off-limits for discussing it?

I think I have a few things that fit in that category:

  • Things that are susceptible to the jinx-factor–i.e., things I want to happen, but worry that blogging (or talking) about them will jinx them. In this case, I’m generally not blogging or discussing in Real Life (or only with certain people).
  • specifics about my work/school, obviously, but also specifics about my relationships with my committee–I allude to difficulties and things, but I do worry that if one of them were to discover this space, they would recognize our conversations and interactions.

Hmm….can’t think of other kinds of unbloggables. You?