Well, I was considering just never blogging again, but then Gretty tagged me for a meme. Now, I’ve never been one to turn down a meme. More importantly, though, I’ve recently decided that it is just completely freaking WRONG that Gret and I are not better friends (in RL), and I aim to change that (sorry to spring it on you this way, Gret, but I can’t keep it to myself anymore. I’ve decided we ARE going to become actual friends. You’re just going to have to deal with it). So, all right, here’s the 8 random things meme.

I warn you, though, that I can’t play by the rules. I haven’t been blogging because I am totally OMFGWTFBBQLOLCATZ freaking out (as the kids say. They don’t? Crap.) and that’s all I can focus on.

So here ya go: 8 random things that are causing me giant honking mountains of anxiety right now:

  1. We move across the freaking country, with four cats in tow, in less than a month. Trying to count the days makes me hyperventilate, so that’s all I’ve got.
  2. I am starting to get very sad about leaving a few awesome people here. I have plans to have a seafood dinner with Bad Idea before I go, but despite my downright-embarrassing cajoling and promises to give him a note from my husband saying it’s okay, I don’t think he’s going to sleep with me.
  3. We have nowhere to actually live in California until GB gets a job, so we have agreed–under duress–to stay with his parents/grandparents for OMG I SWEAR TO ALL THAT’S HOLY no more than two weeks.
  4. In a radical change of plans (the kind for which we are famous), we might actually, maybe, possibly, [jinx-gods, stop listening!] try to move back to the Bay Area. [/jinx-gods] Which makes me so happy that I tear up a little bit every time I think about that as a real possibility.
  5. I met with the Advisor and the other committee member yesterday, and both gave me great advice about restructuring the dissertation. However, the Advisor’s good advice was followed by, “Now go write the next chapter.” Which would be freaking awesome, if it wasn’t for the whole selling all our furniture/packing what little is left/trying to find GB a job while he studies for the Bar/general freaking out business, which does kind of distract me from the writing right now.
  6. There is A Plan in the works that I can’t tell you about. It’s awesome and terrifying and DO NOT even try to guess. I’m serious. Just ignore #6.
  7. Walt–the little cat–is still sicker with his chronic illness than he should be. This wreaks havoc on the whole house and makes me and GB both sick-with-worry.
  8. Moving. Dissertation. Cats. Other Crazy Plans. No income. Impending homelessness. Bad Idea’s bizarre moral code. Missing people already. Fear of the unknown. Zombies. Uh, I forget what 8 was for.