(In honor of recently watching–for my first time!–The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly on the giant projection screen at Jason’s.)

(And also because clearly I’ve lost my will to blog in any substantive form.)


  • Yesterday I graded the very last of the finals for this semester. If I don’t end up working next year, this could be my last grading for a while.
  • I think we have an apartment over there on the west coast! And I don’t want to jinx anything but can I just say OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!! It’s not JUST an apartment…OMG! But, no, afraid of the jinxing! Can’t say more yet! (Secret note to Trixie and G-Love: OMG!)
  • We’re supposed to camp this weekend with the boys, and then…AND THEN! On Monday we head a couple states over to camp with Skycat and the Yogini! Which is just about my favorite thing to do in the whole freaking world. Yippee!
  • It turns out that I haven’t, in fact, been paid all semester for one of the jobs I’m doing (the big one).  This situation has been rectified, and I can pick up the Big Check for the semester’s back pay on Tuesday.


  • I think I’m getting sick–I have a sore throat (though yesterday’s fever seems to be gone). GB is having his usual (but worse) stomach problems, too. So we might not camp with the boys tonight…we might go up tomorrow, maybe. Seriously hoping I kick this bug and can camp happily with the Skycat/Yogini family, though.
  • The Little Cat hasn’t been feeling well–also usual for him, but worse (he gets his stomach problems from GB’s side of the family). I am a constant mess of Worried-Sick when he’s not feeling well.


  • I’m not going to try to find it in the archives, but does anyone remember when my payroll department fucked up my direct deposit and (supposedly) gave me too much money? And then wanted it back? Well, of course they saw that I was getting this Big Check (which I should have been getting all semester…you know, for living on), and called me wanting the money I “owe” them back. Long story short: I had to agree to let them deduct the amount from the Big Check so I could actually GET the Big Check. Which sucks.
  • AND, they seem to think that I’m owed (for the semester’s pay) an entire month’s pay LESS than what I’m actually owed. Basically, they want to give me 3 months of pay (counting the money they’re deducting for their fuckup), instead of the 5 they owe me. Can’t deal with fixing this until Tuesday.

I hope to resume something akin to regular blogging eventually…