GB and I are currently enjoying relaxing on the lovely ambiance of our own kitchen floor.

(Wait, can you relax “on” ambiance? Not so much, right? But are we “in” the ambiance of our kitchen floor? No, but in the ambiance of our kitchen…can someone rewrite that sentence for me?)

I am feeling a little punchy, it’s true. The airbed we’re on right this minute (in the kitchen) takes up the entire kitchen floor–I have to lift the bottom part of the airbed to open the refrigerator. Fortunately, we have a lovely double sleeping bag that works well with this airbed, so we should be fine. Really.

GB’s mom and dad are on our bed, in the middle room, and my mom is on the “guest bed” in the Real Bedroom/my office. And…that’s all of our rooms, except the bathroom, and no one is currently sleeping in there. But it’s still early in the weekend.

This post brought to you by OMFG-I-LOVE-JIM-BEAM.