• Tonight was a farewell dinner for The Advisor. It was sad, and kind of awkward, and there wasn’t nearly enough alcohol, and The Advisor is dodging me.
  • The Advisor is partly dodging me because he neglected to submit a letter of recommendation for a summer grant I’m applying for. The situation is rectified now (he got the letter in under the extended-deadline wire), but I can smell the guilt wafting off him.
  • I’m having worried and anxious thoughts about moving. I still think it’s a good idea, and is kind of exciting, but I’m concerned about leaving the campus (and missing out on opportunities around here…I think there will be some grad student hiring going on that I’ll miss out on), and whether I can finish next year, and how to pay for all this, and how to support my sorry slacking ass, and if/when GB will get a job, and where we’ll live, and, and, and…
  • GB’s mom gets in tomorrow afternoon, followed by my mom Friday morning, and GB’s dad Friday afternoon. Did I mention ~450 square foot apartment? With four cats, and me and GB, AND the ‘rents?
  • But GB is graduating from law school on Sunday! Go GB!
  • Unfortunately, GB absolutely hates everything having to do with commencement. He’s participating reluctantly because the family is already on the way and I want to see him in regalia. Poor GB.
  • Still…go GB!
  • It seems that there’s a possibility that I haven’t been paid (all semester) for one of the three jobs I’m doing this semester. If this is true, this is excellent news, because the back paycheck will be a god(dess)send and will pretty much fund the move. Fingers crossed, blogfriends!