I. Hate. Fieldnotes.

Hate, hate, hate them.

For four days of fieldwork, I have about 20 scribbled pages of notes in a pocket-size notebook–mostly single words or phrases.

So far, I’ve managed to convert that into two single-spaced, typed pages. Chronologically, I have covered the first three hours of my fieldwork. There are 19 more pages of scribble to go. And three and a half more days’ worth of data.

I anticipate writing fieldnotes about this trip for the next six days, at this rate.

And I hate the reliving-and-writing-down of it all. Hate it. I may rethink my methodology for future work…

And while I am a fast typist, I am a very, very sloppy typist. And I am also a perfectionist with OCD. Which means it’s really hard for me to not backspace and correct as I go,  but it takes So. Freaking. Long. (And I do think that speaking notes into a recorder is a great idea, but I write and think MUCH more easily than I speak and think, so I don’t think that’s the solution for me. Seriously, I will offer riches, fame, and eternal happiness (on a non-corporeal level) to anyone who can suck these observations out of my head and put them on paper. (Lina? I know you love the fieldnotes…)

Hate, hate, hate. I think I’d rather be grading.