Hey y’all…thanks for checking in on me! Yep, I’m back from fieldwork…sunburnt, and with ridiculously itchy ankles, and utterly exhausted (I’m telling myself it’s exhaustion, and not that I picked up a bug somewhere. Speaking of bugs? I found THREE FREAKING SCORPIONS under my tent as I was taking it down yesterday. I know, camping = bugs, right? But I draw the line at scorpions. Fortunately, my awesome sister-in-law rescued me from them…uh, every time. I am lame and bug-phobic.)

Anyway–good trip. Good for fieldwork, and good for hanging out: my nieces are getting cooler every time I see them; my sister-in-law is, as you might have guessed from the saving-me-from-bugs comment, awesomer every time I see her; my brother and I got drunk and had both cathartic and very fun talks; and their friends are just about as cool as my friends. A good time was had.

Sunburn and bug bites aside.

And now I have to write up fieldnotes….which is so daunting that I hesitate to begin. And those papers I was going to grade for tomorrow? Yeah, I’m thinking it won’t kill the students to wait until next week on their papers. Not the best practice, but I think that’s just How It Has To Be.

I’m trying to catch up with y’all…but there’s no telling how long it’ll take me. Feel free to give me highlights of your weekend in the comments.Ā  Oh–and Happy Beltane to all my bloggy friends! Here’s wishing you a fire to jump, a field to fornicate in, and a fertile spring (however that works for you).