Way too much fun at Jason’s first barbecue of the year last night. A partial list of the elements of a successful First BBQ:

  • baseball
  • snack food
  • really freaking good grilled chicken
  • beer
  • good tequila

  • bumper pool

(I think that picture *might* have a limited lifespan. That’s the Squirrel in the far left back, in the white shirt. Jason is about to take a shot; he’s directly in the middle back, holding a cue stick. Bad Idea is on the right, in the ubiquitous bandana. And that’s GB with his back to the camera; he’s wearing the awesome “I Buy Vinyl” shirt that IB/DM bought him awhile back. It’s nice that the low light in the basement makes many shots bloggable just by their blurriness.)

  • Purple Rain on the giant projection screen
  • the Squirrel’s escalating horror upon re-watching the movie and realizing he’d seen it in the theater for the first time with his grandmother
  • Bad Idea’s escalating compulsion to narrate the plot (as it happened) and his increasing confusion about the difference between a documentary and a music video/movie (not to mention his almost-embarathetic* and increasingly vocal admissions of Prince-infatuation)
  • Our Host’s utter collapse (and attempted nap) on the basement stairs
  • GB’s ability to maintain the good sense and sobriety to drive the Squirrel and Bad Idea’s sorry drunk asses home at the end of the night

Yeah. Good times. First barbecue of the spring. A little bittersweet, because the boys are already starting to drink to our imminent departure (well, to our being here now despite our imminent departure…which is sad. But I’m hoping for a fun spring, anyway.)

*(ETA): I forgot to add the clarifying footnote! “Embarathetic” is a word coined (I’m pretty damn sure) by an SF friend of mine to describe those times when you’re mortifyingly embarrassed for someone else. I think it’s brilliant and I want to see it enter everyday universal usage.