So, yesterday I spent about six hours in a car with Bad Idea. Sadly, not *once* did anyone’s pants fall off.

He’d been looking for a truck for his new business, so I offered (drunkenly, the other night) to drive him to go look at one. Turns out it was a little bit farther than I thought (about an hour each way). Turns out, also, that leaving home at 3:30 on a Friday means it will not be a smooth drive (nor will you drive over 25mph at any point). Turns out, too, that what you *really* don’t want to do is be getting back into town right as this is about to start. Exhausting, I tells ya.

On the good side: the truck was awesome, and Bad Idea is now the proud owner of a Badass Red Truck. And I let him buy me dinner (at a cool townie 1930s steakhouse, no less), and two small alcoholic beverages. At which point I think we were both more than happy to part ways and tumble into our respective beds.

And I had the iPod in the car,* so I put on the “dangerous mood” playlist,** and we listened to that all the way back into town. And I found it entirely too entertaining that Bad Idea believed the iPod was just on the regular shuffle as we listened to song after song about drinking, screwing, cheating, and hair-pulling. Hee. At least I entertain myself.

*Hey, friends, I need advice. I got a super-cheap FM transmitter for the iPod (for the car–I don’t have a cassette player to use an adapter for that), and it’s really staticky and kind of a pain in my ass. It’s, like, the Best Buy brand or something. Does anyone have an FM transmitter that works well in cities? Can you advise?

**I know I never sent out the second Dangerous Mood mixes. My computer’s CD burner quit working, so I have to use an external one…which is really not a problem, but I just made it into a playlist for the iPod and forgot all about CDs. Sorry. I think it’s a work-in-progress, anyway.