Yeah, did you like how I slipped that news in there with the fellowship crap?

(And I do appreciate all the fellowship-committee-hating on my behalf. I really didn’t think that my project would be right for this fellowship–I’m still grumpier about not getting the other one. But whatever. I’m trying to be over it. But y’all feel free to continue committee-hating for me.)

Yeah, so, I think we’re moving back to California. I need to be closer to the BPAL lab.

Okay, there are other reasons, too. But we’re thinking probably SoCal right now, for the family and jobs…then maybe SF sometime in the future. Yeah. We relocate a lot. It’s what we do.

Well, GB is about to graduate from law school, and we started talking the other day about how he really, really doesn’t want to get a job here…..we’ve both always said we’d love to be back in California someday. So we figured…well, technically I’ll just be writing and trying to finish the dissertation next year. Yeah, I have no funding, but it’s not like I have jobs lined up here, either….so I can write pretty much anywhere, and either take out another buttload of loans or pick up some other kind of teaching somewhere (though I’m leaning toward the ever-increasing-debt). And that way GB can try to find his job out there, and then….well, we’ll figure out my job search as we go.

That’s the plan. Yeah. It is *TOO* a plan, it just doesn’t sound like one yet. It will. At some point, this will all start to be more plan-like and less terrifying. This’ll be my third move across the country, and I’m pretty sure they all started out this terrifying, before they turned into plans. Or so I keep telling myself…

(Hey Trixie and G-Love: y’all have any vacancies in your building?)