It’s Canada’s birthday! Go give her some birthday love. Right now. I’ll wait.

*tap tap tap*

Okay. Also, Norm has a blog! You know Norm, right? Norm is CRSE’s five-year-old wonderchild, and the boy responsible for what is possibly my favorite sentence ever:

“I don’t need to go to kindergarten. I already know how to dance.”

Go give Norm some love, too. And while you’re there, ask him a question…I have a feeling that “Ask Norm” is going to be the new belle of the internets. Mark my words.

Also, in more blog-related semi-news, Gospel Bob will be moving his blog over to WordPress soon. Apologies to anyone who’s having the pain-in-the-ass log-in issues over there. He doesn’t really read blogs (as y’all know…he’s a very sporadic visitor to Bloglandia), and he wasn’t aware of the New Blogger Debacle. I’ve informed him. We’ll see how that goes.

And while I’m on the subject of blogging and bloggers, don’t you guys think that IB/DM and Tequila Fog should blog more often? Or ever? I totally do, too. Feel free to go tell them that.

Here endeth today’s PSAs. Go wish Canada a happy birthday again.