CRSE tagged me, and in my hungover state I am powerless to resist. I just do what I’m told. The topic is “Five things I’ve never revealed on my blog.” But….I’m pretty sure that I’ve told you people everything. What else is there to tell you? Hmmm….I’ll give it a shot, but I can’t promise much right now.

Five Things I’ve Never Revealed On My Blog

  1. When I was 12 I wrote–longhand, in spiral notebooks–a 300+ page novel about my fabulous life married to Rick Springfield. This book had it all: intrigue, near-death experiences, adultery, drugs, rock music….I had this whole rock-and-roll-fantasy life, written out in these notebooks. By the time I was almost 14, I found the whole thing horribly embarrassing and threw the novel–and all my old journals–in the trash. I still regret this (though I’m fairly sure I’d be mortified to read it now, so maybe it’s for the best.)
  2. I almost bled to death after having my tonsils out at age 12. (I started the novel, actually, when I was recovering from the tonsillectomy. Apparently I have some weird bleeding issue that only comes up sporadically. I have many, many bizarre and psychosomatic illnesses, but I’m pretty sure I’ve blogged that before.)
  3. Sometimes I have a hard time dealing with not being a child prodigy anymore. I sometimes wake up freaking out that I’m getting dumber. If there was botox for the brain, I think I’d go for that.
  4. GB is the only blond I’ve ever had more than a one-night-stand with–before him, I’d never actually dated anyone with blond hair. When we first met, I was convinced that was the reason we weren’t going to work out.
  5. In real life, I go by my middle name (so does GB, actually). I went by my first name until I was 21, though–I switched to my middle name when I left my hometown and moved to SF. I think–very often–about changing my name and dropping my first name, because I really dislike it (at this point) and it makes me crazy when people use it–even like, at the doctor’s office, when they call me in by my first name. I have serious issues with it.

Wow, that was actually much harder than I thought it would be. Okay, so now I’m supposed to tag five people? Crap. Okay, I’m tagging–but no pressure, really–the following five people: Lucy, Margie, MaggieMay, Trixie, and G-Love. Ha! Take that, y’all!