• I have never had a mood so bad that it couldn’t be improved by dying my hair.
  • I’m dying my hair right now.
  • I’ve been dying my hair this color (or a color close to it) for 16+ years now. I just realized that I’ve come to think of myself as a natural redhead.
  • I’m not a natural redhead.
  • I submitted the proposal for the Big Giant Conference to two separate program units. I just found out that it was turned down by one of them. I’m waiting to hear about the other one (they’re supposed to let me know by Sunday, at the latest), but I have very, very little hope for its acceptance.
  • If it’s turned down by the second one, I’ll submit it to Auxiliary and Annoying (But Much More Specific) Conference (the day before, and in the same place as, Big Giant Conference), and hope for the best. Whatever that might be.
  • I’m in a totally stuck place with the dissertation. I know I need to be working on the next chapter, and today I did look at the (brief) outline of the chapter. But I also need to revise the first chapter. And I have a bunch of things I need to read for the second chapter. And I really should just start looking at and sorting through all my data, which will be crucial for this second chapter, and all the chapters to come. But I’m just not sure what my very next step is, and I know that there should be short periods of writing going on everyday, and I’m just feeling…stuck. And kind of beating myself up about it.
  • On a happier note, I’m going out drinking with IB/DM tonight. Yippee!
  • And I got these BPAL shirts yesterday, which I’d gotten from eBay. I got *both* shirts for a ridiculously good price, and I’m trying to decide which to wear tonight. These are the close-up images, but they’re both on black baby doll Ts:



(you can see more about the shirts here...They were from a Limited Edition Inquisition on BPAL)

I’m leaning toward wearing the “Ecstasy” shirt tonight, but I’m not sure….Suggestions?

  • I had an amazingly fun foursome last night. Well, okay, not quite like the foursomes I’ve had in the past, since this one was all virtual and not-naked (and I have to say, I do miss the non-virtual, naked kind. Sigh. Maybe now that it’s spring again, I’ll get some of those…?), but totally fun, nonetheless–it was a four-way chat, where all four people were talking to each other…but not all at the same time. Does that make sense? (Damn gmail for not having chat rooms!) At one point, early on, I took a screenshot of what I had going on…I changed it a bit to make it bloggable, but I think it’s pretty telling of the whole experience: (ETA: I think you have to click on it to see the whole thing)


(GB‘s window is probably the hardest to explain, unsurprisingly. I think the “she” who was undermining his chicken dancing was CRSE. “Screw you” is, uh, one of our terms of endearment. Sure, why not? And “paw”….well, that’s a long story. We’ve been together a long time. Hee! It makes me laugh just looking at it again.)

  • Crap–I have to go wash out the dye! Yeah, this has been a productive day….