Not to gloat, but….Guess what I did today that none of y’all got to do?

I got to have lunch, drinks, ice cream, and a long walk around a “quaint” little town (okay, we were lost) with Canada!

(Okay, that was really gloaty, and I’m sorry, but I had a REALLY GOOD TIME and I’m feeling kind of gloaty about it. Sorry. Maybe you can meet Canada someday….and if you can, you should.)

It included everything a blogger meetup should: beer, Thai food with the *entire* restaurant to ourselves, Ben & Jerry’s, photo and story-swapping, and BPAL sniffing and enabling. Here’s the bloggable photo:

And here is the super-special dorktacular photo of me not being able to control my camera and having it wildly misfire into the parking lot as I try to take an unbloggable photo of us. I think I may have possibly revealed a smidgen of my dorkiness to Canada, who is so awesomely friendly that she pretended to be dorky just to make me feel better. Thanks, Canada (but I saw right through that act–I think I’m much dorkier).

I freaking love blogger meetups!