Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod! [/geeky jumping up and down and flailing hands]

I just bought tickets for me and GB for a Buffy Sing-A-Long. In three weeks I will be in full-on Buffy-geek interactive mode.

I am So. Freaking. Psyched. Hee HEE! I’m totally geeking out!

In related news….

GB and I are finishing the last episode of the last season of Angel tonight, and then….we’re trying to decide what series to start next. I was kicking around a few ideas last night, when GB said, Why don’t we just watch Buffy over again? Then we can watch Angel in the right places with it this time. And while I did hesitate for a minute–hey, that’s a good idea!–I realized that if we do that, it’ll be my fourth time through the whole Buffy series….and I think we maybe need something different. And as much as I *loved* it, I can’t watch Six Feet Under again.

So, friends, what should we watch next?

I’ve heard good things about Veronica Mars, but I’ve been distinctly underwhelmed by the few episodes I’ve seen. Same with Gray’s Anatomy–I find myself completely unimpressed by what I’ve seen (and I know some of my blogfriends love it….can you convince me?). Some of the series we’ve watched and *loved* have been: Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Six Feet Under, Sopranos, Curb Your Enthusiasm….

I started watching Lost in its first season, but I got bored. Is it worth trying that again?

What about Heroes? I’ve heard good things, but I’ve never seen it.

Any suggestions?

And EEEEEEEEEEEEE! I’m going to a Buffy Singalong!