Sorry about the quiz, y’all. I think it’s making people feel bad. Seriously? It’s pretty much completely okay for you to not know all these random things about me.

And yes, the which-blogger-have-I-known-longest thing isn’t really fair. It’s true that I’ve known crse for about 4 years longer than I’ve known Skycat, but still, that’s like 16 years and 12 years….and how the hell would anyone (except them, I guess) know that? So putting them both on there just wasn’t nice. And now I feel all self-conscious making people answer questions about me anyway, so sorry about that…

I just got back from drinking with the boys at the Squirrel’s (the Squirrel, Jason, Bad Idea, and me)…had a few beers, a couple little shots of tequila, and some good laughs. The boys are funny. And now I’m home, and tired, and completely unprepared for my section tomorrow, and completely unmotivated to prep for it.

I’m thinking about spending more OCD time at BPAL (and looking for BPAL on ebay) and hitting the sack….and letting tomorrow’s section just sort itself out.  I am *all* about the student-led learning, and that’s what sections are for, right? So I’m thinking tomorrow will be all about them talking, because I might be able to manage “facilitating.” I’m imagining it’ll be a lot like this.