(and not even a fun good thing…)

It’s awesome that the Advisor came through with All. These. Fucking. Comments., right? I mean, I’ve been bitching about him ignoring me, so this can only be a good thing. Right?

So it doesn’t make much sense, does it, that all I want to do is pull the covers over my head and sink into a pit of despair?

I am Over. Fucking. Loaded. And I do not want to put in the time this weekend to revise/rework/rewrite this chapter, even though he’s given me *really freaking detailed* notes on the parts that need changing if I want to avoid an excess of Colloquium-Pointing-and-Laughing. And I don’t want to grade the rest of these truly godawful papers (there are many things I love about the night class, but the average literacy level? Uh, is “painful” a level? Because they make me hurt). And I really, really don’t want to deal with my section tomorrow, because I still believe that an hour of staring (or possibly napping) is a great lesson plan. (I do think that Kermit had the best plan, and I’m working on it.)

Okay, though, just to prove that I’m not ALL whining ALL the time, here’s something really really good: After hearing rabid, raving junkie-like reviews from many people about BPAL, I finally ordered a set of Imp’s Ears, and….oh, FUCKING YUM. I wanted to try them all at once, but tried to limit myself to two to start with…so I tried Bewitched and Sin. Bewitched is nice, very subtle, but actually getting better over time. Sin, though…holy crap, is that a scent! It’s actually a little too much for me–kind of gave me a headache at first–but GB has told me at least four times how much he likes the scent (and he pretty much doesn’t care about the odorific side of life). I have to say, the smell really, really reminds me of something CRSE would love (and crse, don’t be surprised if it ends up living with you eventually…the oil, not GB, I mean. No wait, I mean both). Anyway. I love smelly things, and I totally get the BPAL addiction. I have six scents I haven’t tried yet: Bengal, Rome (the freebie in the order), Mag Mell, Voodoo, O, and Queen. And I’m bidding on a bottle of Samhain on ebay. I love new addictions.