I’d say it’s a pretty good sign that you should just call it a night when you find your first plagiarist of the semester* and have a complete menstrual technology breakdown** at exactly the same moment.

Is my ruined underwear a metaphor for my shattered academic idealism?

Or should I just have a glass of wine?

*Discovered because of two coherent paragraphs in the midst of an entire essay in which, I kid you not, there is not a single complete sentence. Many of the sentences in this paper are lacking verbs. Verbs, last time I checked, were fairly crucial to communication in sentence form. Also, tell me I’m not the only person who–for absolutely no good reason–feels personally insulted by plagiarism. It gives me fist-making feelings.

**I have to say that overall, I’m pretty freaking thrilled by the Diva Cup; it very seldom lets me down. I’m pretty sure this debacle was a result of user error.