Seriously, I am completely in love with my left arm right now. I don’t want to grade anymore. I just want to take this arm to bed.

That would be the Bengal. Sweet fancy Jesus, is that nice. Spicy and sweet…guess that would be the cinnamon, pepper and honey. Yu-um.

As I was unrolling the Imps from their bubblewrap bed to try the Bengal, I noticed that I must not have put the cap on the Sin all the way yesterday…it leaked a little, onto its label. I got some on my fingers putting the cap back on, and I have to say….crse, sweetie, this oil may not be coming to you after all, because I think I need to give it another try. I’m just alternating between sniffing my left wrist and my right fingers and getting all swoony.

I am a walking Dangerous Mood.

(Sitting, because of the grading, but whatever.)

I am going to love every minute and every dollar of this new obsession. Just thought I’d let y’all know.