I’ve been threatening to do this for awhile, but I think it’s finally time. I can’t remember any of my old reasons for staying with Blogger, and the whole new-blogger thing is just a giant pain in my ass. Can anyone remind me of any reasons why I might not want to make this switch? Because I’m feeling pretty damn good about it right now.

In actual news…um, I got nothing. I’m still working on the proposal for the conference, and realizing that I completely lack the ability to gauge my own abilities. Really–writing, teaching, interpersonal relations…I never have even a faintly realistic idea of how things are going. I pretty much always assume that what I’m writing is inane and will eventually lead to my public shaming; that my teaching is incoherent and completely unhelpful (and a waste of tuition dollars); and that everyone around me is constantly humoring me and rolling their eyes at my annoyingness.

This is not good.

And the thing is, it’s not like all the sudden I’m feeling down on myself about things. I’m realizing that this is just what’s going on in my head, all the time, about everything. I need a big-ass shot of confidence, STAT! Any ideas on how to get one of those?

(And, seriously, do you think the problem is that I’m barely drinking lately? That’s where most of my (false) confidence comes from….)*

*G-Love–preposition alert!