Thanks for visiting and for all the comments, y’all. I love how easy WordPress makes it to use a custom header…god, I tried for*ever* to do this over there. I *heart* my wordpress blog (and ceresina, I’m using the free version, because while I do hate blogger I’m still poor…and Sidonia–and anyone else–email me; it’s *super* easy to move your blogger blog to WordPress!).

But I wanted to tell y’all about that header, because I love it so much and I just want to share. That’s a photo of one of my favorite places in the whole freaking world–a spot in northern California where the Russian River meets the Pacific. I think I’ve mentioned (a few hundred times, probably) that the last place in California that GB and I lived was this little gay river town (and I am totally not kidding about that). It was (so far) my favorite place I’ve ever lived, and every single day that we were there, I was grateful. Anyway–this spot is just a little ways up the road from where we lived, and it was gorgeous and magical and populated by dozens of families of sea lions (and there were little baby sea lions in the spring, which was just awesome)….and I miss it terribly and most of the time, and I’m really happy to be able to decorate my new place with it.

Speaking of which…blogwarming party! Whoohoo! It’s Friday night…blogwarming party at my new place tonight?

(Oh, and–I had some trouble moving my blogroll over, so if you’re not on this one and want to be, let me know and I’ll add you right quick!)