I try not to post the search terms people use to get here too often–I think it’s interesting, but probably less so for other people. But a quick glance at today’s list tells me that anxiety is high in the blogosphere lately:

  • wake up with black tongue (a classic–I get at least two of these a day. I’ve said it before, I said it again, and I’ll keep reassuring you–you ate Pepto-Bismol before bed. You’re not dying.)
  • worst daughters ever (Yeah, I have totally felt that way too, sister.)
  • I really hate giving blow jobs (You’ll note that the only time I wrote about blowjobs, it was not in the context of hating them. But for the anxious querent: girls are soft and pretty and smell good. I’m just saying.)
  • Sela Ward botox (I have no idea why people keep finding me using this phrase, but clearly there’s anxiety behind it.)
  • my dissertation advisor sucks (no comment)
  • what to do with an ego maniac boyfriend (this one made me laugh out loud)
  • “but now I don’t care, I could go anywhere with you” (another Bright Eyes fan. ‘Nuff said.)
  • nudist roommates (holy crap, and I thought I had it bad)
  • interesting things about myself (if you have to google it, one of those interesting things might be “lack of self-esteem”. I’m not judging. I’m relating.)
  • Virgo regret 2007 (I do not even want to know. Seriously. We’re only two months into 2007. Just leave it alone.)

Why do people never find my blog by searching for unicorns, rainbows, and puppies? Do I need to link to Cute Overload more often?