I was feeling fairly good about my progress today–I actually got to work on the diss, and finished another piece of the section I’m working on, so I only have 1/2 a section to go. And I was all, go me!

And then I checked the mail. Why did I check the mail? What a stupid idea.

I got a rejection from one of the diss completion fellowships I applied for. Since I didn’t get the mandatory two chapters done in time to apply for the one through my school, I only have one other fellowship app that could possibly save my ass next year, and I don’t expect to hear about that one until April.

That sucks. This was the one I actually thought I had a chance at.

(I’m annoyed by how many of my sentences in this post end with prepositions, and I’m not even going back to change them.)

Also? I have to have a paper proposal in for the Big Freaking Conference by next week, and I have No. Freaking. Idea. what to even propose for it.

Fuckity fuck fuck. While I’m at it, did I tell you I spent $420 at the vet last night? Totally worth it, of course–I mean, look at this face!:

Oh, is that not adorable enough? Check out this one:

Yep, unbearably cute. But still–we paid, essentially, $52.50 a pound.

I could really go for something amazingly good happening right about now.