I know that people have the commenting on their blogs set up just they way they like it for various reasons, but I just have to say this because I am so easily frustrated: if you have your blog set to not accept anonymous comments, then every time I (or others, I imagine) want to comment on your blog, there’s the whole logging-in process. I try to log in for comments in an IE tab, but even then it requires an extra 3-4 steps, and sometimes the IE tab doesn’t work, and have y’all noticed you’re getting fewer comments since the Blogger switch?

On the other hand, if you have your blog set so that “Anyone” can comment, sure you’ll get the occasional anon comment (though honestly, I don’t think I ever have)–but you also give all of us lazy people the opportunity to leave a comment using the “other” button, which lets us put in our names without logging in. Aaaaah. So easy.

I just kind of feel like someone had to say it.