I am sad right now because:

  • I have the first section for one of my classes tonight and I am not even a little prepared. As in, I’m planning on starting with “so what did you think of the readings?”. Not good.
  • I haven’t read the materials for the tutorial yet, and I’m realizing that attempting to teach something I know next to nothing about was not my best idea. The rest of the semester should be okay, but this week and next week will reveal my utter lameness to my tutorial student.
  • I haven’t had a minute to work on the dissertation at all, what with all the prepping of classes I know nothing about.
  • The Big Scary Colloquium presentation of this chapter is still coming up next month, and I still have no chapter.
  • A colleague just emailed to suggest we do something for next year’s Big Conference that would be interesting, and a good idea, but is another thing on my plate that needs to be done in the next week.
  • I go back to small claims court on Thursday to remind them of my quasi-indigence.

I am happy right now because:

  • I went to traffic court this morning and got my speeding ticket dismissed. Apparently driving 20 years with no prior violations impresses the authorities. Go me.
  • You’re going to take a minute to leave a valentine in my Kleenex box on the Internets for me. Right?

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