So I reinstalled XP. That, in itself, is a nightmare, of which I will spare you the gory details…but let’s just say that there really are times that the OCD comes in handy.*

So okay. Reinstall complete. Got all the software and hardware reinstalled. And everything works…sort of.

The internet is So. Fucking. Slow. What is the *deal*? I’m not sure if it’s a problem with Firefox, or a problem with my wireless connection, so I’ve spent the past 24 hours** trying to fix both, just in case. It’s weird–some things work fine, and others just don’t work at all. Most websites: fine. Anything that involves submitting a form: nothing. Sage reader: nope. Gmail? Intermittently. My school website? Only during hours that have an “R” in them.

It is, to say the least, frustrating.

So, in desperation, I tried branching out, and I downloaded Opera.*** Which works, except when it doesn’t, and sometimes it’s okay for sites that don’t work in Firefox, and sometimes it’s not.

And you know what else? I just posted this freaking post, and there was a bunch more crap here, and then I went to my blog and–hey! A bunch of it was gone. That’s just great. That’s just totally freaking perfect.

I am not happy.

Needless to say, I also can’t really read blogs (and it’s sad, actually, how totally cut off that makes me feel). So. I’m here, I’m trying to communicate with y’all, and I’m just having no luck all around.

*The doctor finally got back to me about the meds…I probably won’t get to actually talk to her until Thursday, but I’m thinking I may be able to get on Lexapro instead. Keep body parts crossed for me, because I am through being Celexa’s bitch.

** Except for that part tonight when I went to my first class of the semester and realized, holy crap, I signed on for WAY too much this time around…how the hell do you people teach a million classes AND write? I need to know!

***Apparently, trying to link to the Opera site breaks my post, erases my text, and puts random links where I don’t want them. I. Hate. Computers.