• Damn. I forgot how much starting Celexa sucks. I remember having really uncomfortable side effects when I first went on it (five years ago), but a lot of that had faded. But oh, yeah, now I remember. You know that feeling when you take an, um, illicit substance (let’s say, hypothetically, one whose name starts with a letter between “D” and “F”), before it actually kicks in, when it feels like tiny fires are starting in your brain and traveling through your nervous system? I’ve pretty much felt like that for the past couple days. Then I woke up at 5am this morning feeling like my body temperature was hovering around 120 degrees. I stood out on the enclosed porch for awhile (real temperature last night: 5 degrees outside the window I was pressing my face against) trying to cool down. Klonopin and an hour on alt.support.anxiety-panic finally chilled me out (figuratively and literally) enough to go back to sleep. But, I repeat, damn. I look forward to the seratonin leveling out.
  • I need to make a few adjustments to the Son of Dangerous Mood mix, and then I need to try to burn them on GB’s computer, because despite too many hours of googling, I can’t figure out how to fix my CD drive. But I’ll get them out as soon as possible. And thanks for asking for copies…it warms my cockles.
  • Can anyone tell me where, exactly, my cockles are located? And is there a physiological use for the cockle?
  • The Advisor met with a bunch of us soon-to-be-orphaned grad students today. Despite a rocky beginning (i.e., “I’m thinking I won’t continue on any of your committees,” followed by a roomful of stunned silence), things improved somewhat. It looks like–for right now, anyway–he’s going to continue as my Chair. But I need to finish this thing soon.
  • I can’t think of anything else I need to update. I’m thinking about napping. Will nap-desire outweigh nap-guilt? It usually does.