I think it’s pretty clear from the majority of my blog posts why GB is pretty much the coolest person in the whole freaking world ever.* But, friends, he done outdid himself tonight. He just came in here (where I’m trying in vain to work and generally being mean to myself) and said, hey, let’s go online and buy you an iPod.


(That is probably the only time you’re going to hear me squeal like that. Fortunately for you.)

Dudes. It’s just sad, how excited about this I am. But EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

(Sorry. That one was seriously the last one.)

This should help me do some serious procrastinating, huh?

*And he doesn’t even read my blog, so I’m not just buttering him up. And what’s up with GB’s long blog silence, anyway? Y’all should go over to his blog (which is pretty much the Devil’s spam playground now) and urge him to blog more. The blogosphere needs him.