Turns out it’s been hanging out in the Next State Over. I got to spend plenty of time driving through it this morning, on my way to far-too-early-fieldwork. And guess what? I get to head to Next State Over *again* tomorrow!

Sigh. I’m exhausted, and I’m not actually accomplishing anything much. What’s up with that?

GB and I went over to the Squirrel’s for an impromptu get-together last night–me, GB, the Squirrel, Jason, the Squirrel’s friend MusicGuy, and Bad Idea.

Apparently, it’s not only Bad Idea who has to get all rightinmyface and personal with the gratuitous touching when we hang out…it’s been awhile since I’d done any drinking with the Squirrel (though I stayed unbelievably freaking sober, what with the looming far-away-fieldwork of today) and I was pleased to discover that the Squirrel, also, apparently needs to talk to me from an inch and a half away when he’s drunk. Between Bad Idea and the Squirrel–literally–I had bookend flirty drunk boys all night….and a sweet little drunken GB smiling at me from a couple feet away. Really not a worst-case scenario.

Speaking of….come on, friends, it’s nearly last call for suggestions for the Dangerous Mood II CD! While I can’t promise I’ll use all the suggestions, I’m pretty sure I’ll use some of them, and besides–I want to know what your Dangerous Mood songs are!