–it seems to me that I’ve asked this before here, but I can’t find it, so–

Okay, friends, I’m going to work on Luckybuzz’s Dangerous Mood Mix Vol. 2 (don’t say Electric Boogaloo, luckybuzz. Just don’t.) this weekend, and I have some ideas for what should go on it, but I’m curious….what do *you* think I should add to the new version of the mix? What’s your dangerous mood song?

(Hey, speaking of mixes, I don’t think I told you this story: back when Bad Idea and I were hanging out too often and having all the not-quite-sex–like, two years ago–I made him a mix CD. The theme was kind of an inside joke we had going then, and it was, really, quite the drunk-lust mix (sort of the pre-Dangerous Mood mix). Anyway–a few weeks ago, Bad Idea was telling me that he’d just started bartending at The Bar, while GB and I were out of town over Christmas. He said, you know that mix you made me? And I was all, Oh, what mix?* And he was like, “You know, THE MIX. The Vegas mix. I played it at the bar the first night I bartended.” Which was nice to hear, because a) it really was a great mix for The Drunk Lust (and must have been a great bar mix, too), and b) Bad Idea is still totally hot for me and trying to subtly (and less subtly, lately) remind me about the drunk-lust-almost-sex phase of our friendship. Hee. It amuses me.)

*See how I was all innocent-like there? Like I didn’t remember? See, I do have settings besides Obvious and Overbearing.