Damn, I hope not. Because, while I’m chained to my chair (again, not in a good way) and still working furiously, there is no denying that this mood I’m in? It’s a dangerous one. And I’m not sure what it is about working and stressing out and feeling overwhelmed that makes me just want to hit the bar, drink four dirty martinis, and take Bad Idea and the four people sitting next to him home. Well, actually, I guess it’s not that hard to figure out why that happens. But since I’m clearly not going to the bar tonight, it kind of sucks that my brain is there already. Stupid brain. Out drinking and drunk-kissing without me.

Wait, *why* am I not going to the bar tonight? Oh, right, because I have to finish the tutorial syllabus before tomorrow. And because [whine] the bar is tooooo faaaar away, and I’m laaaazy, and also broke (that’s actually a real reason), and it’s possible that no one I know is even out, and I’ve turned into a kind-of-lame homebody lately anyway. [/whine, for now]

But I decided today that I need to remake the Dangerous Mood mix–I’ve been planning on doing that for a while, but I think it’s actually time. This weekend, I hope…I know, you’ll be all exhausted and hitting “refresh” compulsively until I post about it. Remember to eat a little something.