I’ve done a lot of bitching this semester about not having any money. The main reason for the no-money-having is, as faithful readers will recall, that I decided to take this semester to do fieldwork, “write” my dissertation, and not teach. And, okay, that seemed like a good idea at the time. Although of course my loans ran out too quickly, and of course I didn’t get anywhere near what I hoped to get done on the dissertation.

I thought I’d be teaching one section in the spring–*possibly* two, depending on enrollment, but at least the one. I figured this would be a good way to actually earn some money (though, ironically, not *more* money–because if I work, they reduce my loan eligibility. Does that seem really fucked up to anyone else, or is it just me?) while still having time to frantically finish my fieldwork (hopefully), write the first two chapters of the diss (and present one at the Big Scary Colloquium in March), and work on the proposal for the conference paper that is somehow going to materialize in the next month or so. That all seemed pretty manageable, and I was even having fantasies about cranking out multiple chapters this semester.

And then. About three days ago I got an email apologizing for the late notice, and asking if I’d be willing to teach a tutorial this spring as well. The tutorial is vaguely in my area, with the emphasis on “vague”–all I’ve been told is that it should be in Huge Broad Area, and I need to figure out what the hell to do with it. I couldn’t say no, of course, since I’m already the slacker supreme in my department…but I really wasn’t planning on designing an entirely new course this weekend. Which is, apparently, what I’m doing, because if I can get a description of this emailed out reallydamnfast, I can *maybe* get another student in the tutorial. Which would be good, from the more-money standpoint.

But remember my Horrible Tutorial from last spring? When I swore I would never, never teach another tutorial ever again as long as I freaking live? I will become a homicidal alcoholic if I have to go through something like that again. And since I wasn’t really planning on this, I’m having a hard time figuring how to fit it into all the other crap I’m working on right now, and any semblance of “time management” I have ever pretended to have has gone out the freaking window.

What do you do, really, when you hit that point where you literally can’t decide *which* should-have-been-done-last-month thing you need to do next? (“Have a drink,” while a lovely idea, is not quite the advice I’m looking for here.)