Ow. I’ve been drinking so infrequently lately that I’ve almost forgotten the joys of the true hangover, but I’m being reminded today. Ow.

But drinking with IB/DM is way, way too fun, and once I start it’s hard to stop. Plus, she makes me feel like a rockstar. In retrospect, maybe the rockstar I feel like doesn’t really *have* to be Keith Richards, but at the time the rockstar drinking seems like a good idea.

And speaking of good ideas, IB and I did some extra late-late-night eve-of-his-birthday drinking with Bad Idea, which was also ridiculously fun. And did I mention I had kind of a rockstar night? Part of that has to do with the fact that, friends, Bad Idea cannot keep his lips off me. And aren’t sloppy drunk kisses really what being a rockstar is all about?

So yeah. Today I am a hungover rockstar who probably needs more Klonopin and will certainly need a nap and is almost definitely not making it to the gym today and is most likely not getting any work done. But it’s nice to know I still rock a little.