Obviously, I’m back. The trip was actually really good–definitely the best visit I’ve ever had with my sister, who will get a nickname and a post all her own when I feel like catching up a little. Overall, a very nice visit with the family, and I do want to post about it soon, but I’m supposed to meet IB/DM for drinks soon, and I’m feeling overwhelmed from having done no work for a week, and coming home to the realization that I am OHMYGOD SO FREAKING BEHIND. So the serious blogging will have to wait.

But I have to say: People: enough, already. Take pity on your poor, internetless-for-a-week blogfriend. I just checked my feed reader for the first time since last Thursday, and there is No. Freaking. Way. I can catch up on all your blogs.

So because I have been a bad blogfriend, and will probably continue to be a bad blogfriend for the next few days because OHMYGODIAMSOBEHIND, here is a generic comment. Please apply this to all the posts you’ve written in the past week, and know that I am reading, enjoying, and not commenting on them:

Dude, awesome! [Alternate version: Dude, that sucks.] You are a rockstar.
This post made me laugh out loud and/or a little weepy. Rock on.

Thanks, friends. It’s hard being away.