• GB and his mom and dad are playing cricket on the new electronic dart board. GB’s mom got it in the yankee swap…though she’s the one who bought it. They’re big on the “buy the gift you want” around here.
  • GB’s mom just reassured GB’s grandpa, “[Awesome Aunt] is out getting your wine. In the meantime, have some Pinot Grigio.” They’re actually kind of making me feel like a teetotaler, and I think you all know how unlikely that is.
  • The Small Blond Cousins are *still* playing with the cool dragon Lego set. The Small Blond Cousins are smart, well-mannered, and actually pretty cute (you know, for children). I love that everyone in the family talks to and treats them like they’re actually intelligent, self-possessed little people, and they respond by being, well, intelligent, self-possessed little people. Who can kick ass at Apples to Apples, as it turns out.
  • GB just let me pick out a pair of jeans from the sale at the Levi’s Store as part of my Christmas present (we’re postponing gifts until January when our student loans come in. I am so freaking over the poor grad student bit.). I got the black Levi’s I’ve been pining for lately. I am giddy with excitement that they might be waiting for me when we get back.
  • I wonder sometimes if I should at least *own* some lingerie. I’m just saying.
  • I’m having anxiety and/or panic attacks *way* too often lately. I’m not happy about the pretty much constant heart-pounding-cold-sweat. I’m still loving the Klonopin, but I’m wondering if I should get checked out for physical sources of this crap….and if I should consider bringing the Celexa back into my life. Ugh. I dislike both of those options.
  • I had a slice of pumpkin pie and I don’t feel guilty. Seriously. I don’t. Shut up, I do not.
  • I understand that y’all probably have more fun things to do than blogging right now, but for the sake of those of us who are lounging around doing nothing and trying not to think of work as an option, please, do some pity-blogging, willya?