We did, in fact, get a visit last night from the incomparably cool and super-crazy-hot Mr. and Ms. Q. And I can’t even really believe it myself, but they actually drove way-the-hell out of their way to come have dinner with us, at GB’s parents’/grandparents’ house, even though they still had to drive, like, a million more hours to get back to their house.

I know. I’m overwhelmed by the coolness of that act too.

They arrived at the same time as the rest of the aunts, uncles, and cousins–in other words, in the middle of the ultimate Christmas Eve chaos. But did they run away? Did they go get the things they “forgot” in the car and hightail it the hell out of there (as I would have done, if it had been me visiting someone else’s family)? Friends, they did not. They came in, they had some drinks, some dinner, and participated in the family-wide yankee swap.

Seriously, they just might be among the coolest people I know. And did I mention the complete and utter adorableness of them? Their adorable hotness turned me into a big goofy spaz , and they just kept smiling at me while I spilled drinks and ran into walls in my spazzy Christmas joy.

So, I took the mandatory blogger-meetup photo for y’all, of the adorablyhot Ms. Q and me….

(And you can’t see it, though I wish you could, but written right there on my hand is a reminder that says “call [ms. q]”.)

But then I realized that this wasn’t a blogger meetup at all, or even a second blogger meetup.* This was my awesome new friends spending Christmas Eve with us.

(That would be me and GB sandwiching the Q’s, in our futile attempt to get them to stay longer. This picture may have a limited shelf-life here.)

Making new friends is right up there with hanging out with old friends on the list of Things That Are All Good. And new friends who will join you for Christmas Eve dinner with the whole freaking family? That’s so All Good it makes me a little teary.

Merry Christmas, y’all. Wishing you all as much happy sappy holiday love as my formerly-grinchy heart is feeling today.

*Although rumor has it that the third blogger meetup is worth waiting for…