• GB’s awesome and uber-cool aunt (the one who’s only a few years older than GB & me) guided me through the making of salsa. While all I did was chop tomatoes and onions at her direction (and watch while she added everything else), she’s now calling it “Luckybuzz’s salsa,” which makes me happy.
  • I also assisted with the making of the guacamole (i.e., the taste-testing part). Yum. Dinner tonight is a Mexican buffet, apparently.
  • Apparently, also, I will be getting back to Weight Watchers right after Christmas. I’d planned to stick with it and to try to work out here–and I did go for a small walk, and I’ll go for another later. But as far as not eating what’s here to eat? I think that’s not going to work out. Here, at GB’s family’s, the holiday is about consuming, and sharing (food, as well as all those less-tangible emotional things), and gratitude for abundance–of all sorts. I am so not going to grinch that up. I keep telling myself that two days (today and tomorrow) eating more than usual is not going to completely screw up my newfound health.
  • Plus, they’re making eggnog with rum right now, and I would have to be one antisocial bastard to turn that down.
  • One of the Small Blond Cousins is playing the piano–slow, off-key versions of Christmas songs. It’s sweet. Then again, it’s also early in the visit.
  • There’s a possibility that we may be graced by the presence of one of my favorite bloggers tonight! I’m keeping my fingers crossed…could we really be so lucky? I’ll keep y’all posted.
  • Our camera completely, irreversibly died yesterday afternoon, so we ended up going out this afternoon to try to replace it. GB’s mom generously fronted us the cash for a new one; we got a really good deal on it, so I feel less bad about that. It takes pretty nice photos, though I’m still trying to figure out all the settings. Here’s a picture of the nativity scene, which apparently has some new and exotic animal visitors this year:
    • Oh, GB’s other uncle just showed up–so I think I’m needed for eggnog
    • drinking and socializing downstairs. I haven’t had a drink yet and it’s–holy crap, it’s 3pm! Okay–more liveblogging later this evening, I’ll bet.