So, I’ve been working–or trying to work–tonight while GB was off hanging out with Jason. GB got back a little while ago, pretty happily fucked up, and immediately went to bed. I’ve been reading some secondary source stuff, and trying to work out some kind of structure for chapter one (which I think I may have figured out…we’ll see if it holds up). So I’m having a glass of wine, and chilling out before I hit the hay.

And I opened the window in here, because it’s a million degrees in the apartment, and there’s this….well, there’s a Dangerous Mood on the breeze coming in. I wasn’t expecting it. I didn’t know it was out there. But I opened the window, and in it came, and now I want to put a bottle of tequila in my backpack and wander around the city knocking on doors of people who could get me into trouble.

(Speaking of which, did I tell you that Bad Idea, last weekend, was all, “Oh, remember those times you were at my other house….?” So yeah, friends, apparently Bad Idea is living the cliche, that if I just ignore him he’ll find me irresistable.)

Anyway. There it is. Dangerous Mood, 2am on a Wednesday, for what it’s worth.