Our holiday party is tonight…starting in about an hour. This party is almost totally GB’s idea–he decided we needed to host one this year, he actually called and invited everyone, he bought all the food and most of the booze, he cleaned the whole freaking apartment, he decided we need to do a yankee swap (is that what y’all call it? I think it goes by many names…but whatever we call it, I’m pretty sure it’ll have to follow lots and lots of wine-drinking), and he’s just informed me that he’s planning on coordinating a game of Celebrity.

I’m pretty much just sitting here with a cat on my lap, playing Spider Solitaire and sampling some of the many, many cheeses he insisted we’ll need.

I’m thinking that me and Weight Watchers may be parting ways for the evening.

I’m seriously going to try to drunkblog later, because it’s been so long since I’ve gotten to do it that I actually feel all nostalgic. Ahhhhh, drunkblogging. Maybe I’ll even convince IB/DM to duet with me on some of the voice-comment posts I still need to do.