At the department holiday party this evening, my advisor pulled me aside to tell me that he’s definitely leaving for another university, and he’ll be gone in September. And that I need to decide whether I want Annoying Committee Member or About-to-Retire-Guy (who seriously dislikes my project and acts like he’s smelling something rotten whenever he sees me) as my new Dissertation Chair, because while he can stay on my committee, he can’t Chair it.

This is really, really bad news.

Friends, if you knew my advisor (and how important it is to me that his name is on this project), and my project (which is completely freaky and either misunderstood or maligned by most academics in my field), and my department (and the serious lack of support I get from it), you’d realize with me that this is Really. Bad. News.

(I had several glasses of wine after this conversation, so pardon the bad drunken mood that I can feel seeping through this post. I hope it hasn’t harmed your computer screen.)

I’m going to try to talk with him more tomorrow about this, and get some ideas about where to go from here. In the meantime…maybe you could try to convince me that this doesn’t actually mark the beginning of the end of my academic career?