If you haven’t been reading skycat’s blog, I’ll wait while you go ahead and do that now.


Okay. Since you just read all of her newest posts, I don’t have to tell you that Skycat and the Pretty Tall Boy (Skycat: is he pretty *and* tall? Or just, you know, kind of tall?) made a meme. Whoohoo! I will now proceed to do my part in letting it loose on the blogiverse.

1. Ever swim with a dolphin or feed a carnivore?
Not exactly, though I was in the ocean on one of those water bike things with my sister when a dolphin came up to check us out. That was pretty freaking cool, although I was pedaling a weird-ass giant-tired bike-of-doom, not swimming.
Oh, wait, duh–I feed four carnivores every day. Fancy Feast counts, right?

2. When was the last time you pretended to be someone else?
Today I pretended to be someone who will actually write and complete their dissertation, but it was only for a couple hours in the afternoon.

3. What fruit should never be in a fruit salad?
I’m with Skycat–no citrus. Also, bananas don’t hold up well in fruit salad.

4. Who is the most famous Person you have ever met?
Um….most of the famous people I’ve met have been lessthanfamous musicians (though they make me happy–and I did get Jim White to tell me his real name, so that was kind of cool). The most famous person I’ve met that I can think of right now is Arlo Guthrie. No offense to Arlo, but I’m going to keep thinking about this one.

5. What dream of yours has actually come true?
Again, um. In terms of hopes-for-my-future type dreams: that would be the happy, stable relationship. In terms of sleepytime dreams, which is what I think this actually means: I really can’t think of any, though every once in a while something will happen and I’ll think, damn, I totally dreamed this. Not like a deja vu–like I can remember the dream, just belatedly. But I guess I got nothing.

6. If you could be a Natural Wonder, Would you be aVolcano, or a Mountain.
Okay. Dudes? Clearly we’re having too much fun with the writing of the meme, because are these even natural wonders? If I could be a natural wonder, I would be a ginormous waterfall.

7.Other then the really obvious, have you ever named one of your body parts – or someone else’s?
I haven’t even named the obvious ones, so no.

8. If you could touch objects,with your small toe, on your right foot, on every other Sunday, in months that ended with Y, and they would change into one kind of
thing. What would that thing be…..
Based on my current financial woes, I’m going to go with “huge wads of money”.

9.Who is the most compassionate person you know?
My mom, hands down.

10. Favorite Place to Skinny Dip.
I don’t have one. I’m open to suggestions.

11. Strangest place you’ve been naked.
A fire escape at midnight on New Year’s Eve, 2000, with a sparkler in my hand and three naked friends.*

12. Strangest Person you ever had sex with?
They’ve all been a little strange, truth be told. That’s how I like ’em.

13. What continent? What country? What city? What
South America. Italy. San Francisco. Foggy. (I think I’d like to add, what substances?)

14. The Topic is BIRD. The Question is, What kind of BIRD would you be, if you could be a BIRD.
Some kind of raptor, but beyond that I’m not picky.

15. What’s the best 5 letter word you can think of right now, without a dictionary or more than a minute of contemplation?

16. If you could be in a Walt Disney movie. Which one would you be in?
Nightmare Before Christmas.

17. If you were lounging on a sunny rooftop with friends, what would you be drinking? Eating?
Sangria, of course, with occasional shots of tequila. And nachos.

18. Who would you be out of the Group…….The Mama’s and The Papa’s?
Mama Cass. I love the story about her not being able to sing until she was accidentally knocked unconscious, then waking up with this great voice.

19. Favorite lyric. (Again, don’t think too long on this. I’ll ask again next week and you can change your answer.)
You always said people don’t do what they believe in,
they just do what’s most convenient, then they repent
And I always said Hang onto me, baby,
and let’s hope that the roof stays on.

20. What is your favorite Island?
I’m with Skycat–I have to go with Fantasy.

*Skycat promised me, at the time, that I would be able to tell that story for years, and she wasn’t wrong.